Born and raised in Barcelona, he began his passion for photography during his adolescence, attracted by the lights of the Mediterranean when he moved with his family to Alicante. He later moved to Madrid where he continues to develop his professional career.

His photographs have been published in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, L’Officiel, Vogue (UK), Schön! (UK), Femina, Yo Dona, Icon, Forbes and Hola Fashion, among others. He has worked for brands such as Revlon (USA & Mexico), Azzaro (France), Dolores Cortés, 44 Studio, Adriana Iglesias, Acosta or Rabat.

Javier not only stands out for his clear vision, versatility, resolution and great knowledge of lighting, but also for his contagiously relaxed, cheerful and outgoing personality.

Moreover, he has presented video art pieces in several National Museums of Contemporary Art and is the author of his music and audiovisual works.