After graduating in fashion design in Valencia Sara Bascuñán began to collaborate as a stylist in small publications of her city. When finishing her studies, he moved to Pars where she lived for 7 years. It is in Paris where she developed her creative and where she has the opportunity to assist stylists such as Suzanne Koller, Benjamin Bruno or Elisa Nalin from who she absorb a unique style. 

She has collaborated with a wide spectrum of fashion photographers including Jonathan Segade, Anthony Meyer, Fabio Leidi, Roxanne Hartridge, Paul Morel, Michelle Du Xuan or Fred Jacobs. She has published in magazines such as L’Officiel, August Man,, Intersection Magazine or Mujer de Hoy. 

Her work influenced by the culture of the 80’s & 90’s and inspired by icons such as Jeanne Moreau, Kate Moss or Linda Evangelista, her understanding of fashion, her extraordinary sense of style and her fresh, clean and sophisticated view, makes Sara one of the stylists with more projection of this country.